About the Tool

About the Tool

How it Works

The Adventure Mate tool consists of 3 main parts:
i) Hatchet with Hammer head, Hook at top, Saw Blade at bottom, ii) Handle Pole and iii) Spade Head.

Your Adventure Mate comes with the Handle Pole already screwed onto the base of the Hatchet Head/Hammer/Hook to cover and protect the Saw Blade.

The Hatchet, Hammer and Hook functions are ready to use unless the Saw is in situ or the Spade Head is attached.

To use the Saw function simply unscrew the Handle Pole from the base of the main Hatchet/Hammer/Hook tool and screw it onto the top of the tool to cover the Hook and create a handle for the Saw. With the protective leather sheath on the Hatchet Head, you can use this and the Handle Pole to hold the tool while sawing.

To use the Spade function simply remove the Handle Pole from the tool and slide it over the short pole and quick release ball locking pin on the Spade base to lock the Handle Pole securely into place.



Designed by Adventure Mate in Australia


Minimum 5% Chromium grade 1045 content to protect against rust and corrosion


Holster with sturdy belt loop made from heavy duty lined canvas and a leather embossed badge


Guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.
30 day money back guarantee. 1 Year warranty.


Made from high quality AS1442-2007 Carbon Rolled Steel


Hatchet Head crafted with top of the line blade steel to maintain its edge and protected by a leather sheath


Choose from two finishes: the Original stone washed black or the Premium silver-like finish


Original: 8.66″ H, 14.17″ W, 2.6″ D. Shipping Weight: 3.73 lb
Premium: 9.68″ H, 16.22″ W, 2.05″ D. Shipping Weight: 4.3 lb

Thanks so much for creating such an amazing tool! I’m buying one for everyone in my family so they can keep in the back of their car in case of an emergency.

John Carlson

Brisbane, Australia

Life is meant to be an Adventure, Mate

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