The Unique Australian 5 in 1 Tool
for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Unique Australian 5 in 1 Tool
for Outdoor Enthusiasts

An Adventure Mate is a robust, highly functional multi-purpose tool designed for outdoor

enthusiasts who want to maximize their experience and carry less gear.

Great Design


High quality, multi-purpose tool specially designed to handle just about any outdoor adventure


The 5 key tool functions allow multiple uses with virtually unlimited possibilities for how you can put your Adventure Mate to work

Built to Last


Made for rugged outdoor adventures with high quality, rust resistant steel and a lined, heavy duty canvas holster


We stand behind every Adventure Mate, which is backed by our ‘No Worries Mate’ 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

Carry Less, Adventure More


Save space and weight by carrying one versatile, robust tool that offers you more freedom and options with less gear


All parts pack neatly into a compact, sturdy canvas holster with belt loop so your Adventure Mate can go wherever you go

The Hatchet

Ever consider how many different ways an axe can cut? We found a few that are guaranteed to help you slice the stress out of any outdoor adventure. Use the Adventure Mate Hatchet for splitting wood, sharpening sticks, liming or felling trees (to build a shelter), cutting meat and vegetables to cook over a campfire and extract nails with the handy inbuilt nail puller.

The Saw

When you’re taking on the great outdoors, sometimes you need that extra edge. With fine, needle sharp teeth and a sturdy handle, the Adventure Mate Saw cuts through thick logs, bones, ropes – or even plastic – with ease. And if you’re on the hunt for a blind or shelter, this tool can saw the branches needed to do the job.

The Hammer

In brainstorming the many uses for our Adventure Mate Hammer, we reckon we nailed it. Use it to hammer in tent pegs, drive nails into trees (to hang a lantern, washing line, or the ends of a tarp shelter) and drive stakes into the ground. Crack rocks to assemble a fire pit or mash up some kindling to keep you warm around the fire.

The Shovel

We’re calling it like it is – this compact shovel is light yet practical and sturdy. Use it to dig a fire pit, shovel hot coals onto a bush oven, throw sand to put out a fire, scale fish and scrape clean a BBQ grill. We even found it useful to make a latrine and make an upside down toilet roll holder! How many more uses can you dig up?

The Hook

With its smooth, solid metal curve, the handy Adventure Mate Hook pulls you into a stack of creative possibilities. Use it to easily retrieve tent pegs, hook and lift a pot or billy off a campfire, safely remove a hot BBQ grill plate, pull picnic shade shelter stakes out of the ground. We’ve even found it comes in handy for cracking a few cold ones!

The Holster

When it comes to keeping it all together, this rugged, heavy duty canvas holster has it in the bag. The holster compactly stores all of the tool parts that make up the Adventure Mate and comes with a handy belt loop so you can keep your Adventure Mate right by your side and ready for any adventure.

Designed in Australia and purpose built for the great outdoors, you’ve never seen anything like it.

I love the versatility and durability of my Adventure Mate. I keep it in my SUV and
take it everywhere I go so I’m prepared for anything.

Greg Watson

Sydney, Australia

Life is meant to be an Adventure, Mate

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