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The world's premiere
5 in 1 mega-multitool

3 tools

AM - V2

AM - V2

Meet the
Swiss-army knife's
big brother...

1 handle, 5 tools.

Made in VB

The axe head is made from high-carbon blade steel for extreme durability and edge retention. While its tapered shape is optimised for easy log splitting so you can spend less time chopping and more time around the campfire.

  • Comes with a hand-sharpened blade edge right out of the box
  • Leather axe sheath included

The saw’s unique kerfed blade makes it great for pruning bushes and sawing through logs without getting jammed. It also comes with a bonus blade in the box.

  • Saw length = 6.5 in or 16 cm
  • Replacement blade and mounting bolts come included.

We have made major updates to the 2021 shovel design which include a more aggressive digging arc, improved structural rigidity and built-in foot pegs.

  • Shovel has a sharpened digging edge
  • New 2021 design now has footpegs

The hammer is indispensable for any campsite, and its heavy-duty milled face is ideal for pounding in large ground stakes and hammering in tent pegs.

  • Hammer has a milled (waffle-head) face for better grip

The hook is optimised to easily catch wire pot handles from a safe distance, pull out tent pegs, and even doubles as the most badass bottle opener your mates have ever seen.

  • Lifting hot pots off a campfire
  • Tent peg puller
  • Bottle opener



Handle : 16 in
axe head : 8 in
saw blade : 6.5 in
shovel : 7 in x 10 in
holster : 9 in x 10.5 in


Handle: 1.1lbs
Axe head: 1.5lbs
Shovel: 1.4lbs
Holster: 0.8lbs
Total tool weight: 4.8lbs

2 parts

Next-gen 2021 shovel attachment

The new 2021 shovel attachment has been massively upgraded, now with a more aggressive digging arc, foot pegs and increased overall rigidity.

new shovel

Welded, Cerakoted, and Assembled in
Virginia Beach, USA

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